Nokia Teases “Pure View” Imaging Ahead Of MWC

Nokia isn’t all that great with teasers. In August the company posted a teaser for the newest version of Symbian which just so happened to include the release date in it. Today, the teaser (at least) doesn’t give away the name of the product or anything huge like that, but it’s pretty clear what Nokia is hyping right here.

Obviously the big news here is some form of camera technology. We’re promised pure detail, pure depth, and pure definition — all in all, a pure view.

Nokia is clearly trying to play this up with the snowy magic and barely visible (but also totally visible) white text. The Finnish phone maker must have an imaging flagship ready to roll at MWC. Of course, we’ll be there with eyes peeled so stay tuned on what exactly Nokia has to offer that will give us a “pure view.”