How To Temporarily Silence All Those Annoying Twitterers At SXSW

For various reasons (groan) I’m not heading to SXSW this year, but then neither are millions of other people. But that won’t stop the 20,000 attendees from clogging up our Twitter feeds trying to find each other in the nearest bar, tweeting incessantly about some “awesome” panel session you are not at or generally conversing about in-jokes you weren’t there to witness.

That’s why you need a handy way of temporarily blocking those tweets or those people – or maybe even both.

Last year there was a handy browser extension that blocked SXSW tweets. This year the people behind it are now in a former YC startup, Lanyrd, and they’re at it again, this time with an improved product.

The extension blocks tweets with the hashtag for #SXSW, but this time, because Lanyrd also carries an attendee directory, the extension will block all tweets from people there. Relief!

And here it is (no need to sign in first):

Enjoy, people!

Meanwhile, for those who ARE going, they can see the Lanyrd guide to the conference to see the sessions their Twitter contacts are speaking at or plan to attend. They can then build up their own session plan and take it with them (saved offline) on their phone using the Lanyrd iPhone app or HTML5 mobile web app. They also get emailed a personal schedule every day during the conference.

It’s clear that Lanyrd is picking up from where Plancast failed to deliver.

For more goodies, there’s a searchable directory of SXSW attendees, list of investors, founders, you name it.

SXSW speakers can also automatically generate Moo MiniCards from the SXSW schedule data help promote their talks.