WhyIsFacebookInsightsNotWorking.com Is A Site That Tells You….

…. Whether or not Facebook’s in-house analytics product, Insights, is working. Due to product changes in recent weeks, the tool has been particularly slow to update with the latest metrics, as the site’s creator, PageLever, has discovered. The startup uses Facebook’s API to provide an advanced custom interface for page owners who are trying to track impressions and a variety of other key numbers. Because of the problem, it has been getting all sorts of questions from clients lately asking a slightly different question: “Why isn’t PageLever working?”

Yes, WhyIsFacebookInsightsNotworking.com doesn’t actually try to answer what its name would seem to indicate. Only Facebook engineers working on the tool know exactly why Insights is not functioning at any given time, after all, and they are probably busy working to fix it instead of dealing with questions.

As cofounder Jeff Widman tells me, the real goal is to direct his clients — and anyone else in the industry — to a single site for a quick answer, instead of having to deal with one-off support tickets like they have been. Normally, as he and the site both note, delays take around 48 hours. (And clearly, the inspiration for it comes from the web standard, DownForEveryoneOrJustMe.com.)

Longer term, Facebook could provide its own version of WhyIsFacebookInsightsNotWorking.com if it can’t get updates happening more regularly. The social network took a similar step in recent years in response to platform stability issue, introducing a general “Platform Live Status” note at the top of its developer blog. But obviously, since the company is months away from an IPO and working hard to lure in as many marketers as possible, it needs to get this situation taken care of ASAP. Otherwise, the analytics tool and the developer ecosystem around it are going to dampen the buzz.