Tribe of Noise partners with Getty Images to bypass the record labels

Tribe of Noise is an online music community connecting musicians with business professionals who want music. Artists can share a few songs for free in return for exposure, new revenue streams and new business opportunities with partners.

Now the startup is partnering with Getty Images. The lathers global sales force is ‘s going out there to sell music licenses to Getty’s customers (tv broadcasters, filmmakers, multimedia pro’s etc). Yes, this time stock images they are selling or stock music, but music but with high quality content from real, local artists.

The ‘Tribe of Noise Tour Around the World’ tour will connect Tribe’s musicians with Getty Images Music’s customers, producing royalty free music which is local and relevant to Getty Images’ global customer base.

Where’s the impetus come from this? Many independent artists are not interested any more in deals with labels, publishers, performing rights organisations or collection societies. That represents the old industry as we knew it. Instead, they can give Tribe of Noise exploitation rights to close deals like this one with Getty Images, a large global business that doesn’t require the artist to hand over all of their music.

The move could be a major step in new music industry business models because it bypasses the middle men.