WinZip iOS App Lets You Crack Open .Zip Files From Anywhere

Having access to your documents and pictures is really easy these days. About a million services, including Dropbox and iCloud, allow you to sync your stuff between devices, but there’s one little thorn in our collective cloud-syncing side: it’s called a .zip file.

Fortunately, WinZip has just launched on the Apple App Store and it effectively rids us of this particularly annoying issue. After installing, a single tap will let you get a peek at what’s inside the .zip file. If you tap again, you’ll be able to look at individual files, even if you don’t have the associated applications installed on your iPhone or iPad.

Copy/paste functionality has also been integrated, to let you pull a snippet and pop it into an email or text message. Even encrypted .zip files can be opened.

WinZip is a free application that’s available now for download in the Apple App Store.