Feel Free To Run Samsung’s New Memory Cards Over With A Truck

There’s little doubt that Samsung knows how to put together a handsome television or smartphone, but to produce a stylish memory card — well that’s another story entirely. Samsung’s certainly willing to give it a shot though, and the end result is their new line of brushed metal SD and microSD cards.

I doubt I’m the only one who doesn’t care what my memory cards look like so long as they get the job done, especially because they spend 95% of their time nestled inside a camera. Still, these fashionista-friendly cards will certainly do the trick in your device of choice — the High Speed Series cards range from Class 2 to Class 10, with read and write speeds in the latter class reaching as high as 24MB/s and 13MB/s respectively. The Plus Extreme series, meant for more demanding photogs, can hit write speeds up to 21MB/s.

Now that’s all well and good, but I can’t help but think Samsung went a little overboard with these things.

The cards can apparently survive being submerged in water for 24 hours, as well as withstand up to 3,200 pounds of pressure. In short, these cards seem more geared toward James Bond’s typical use cases than Joe Blow’s. Frankly, this whole thing seems like something of a challenge to me — I’m almost tempted to buy one just to do stupid, outlandish things to it in hopes of pushing it over the edge. The cards are available now, so if you’re filled with the same sort of strange, destructive impulse I’m feeling right now, check the chart below for pricing details.