Kikbo: Like A Hacky Sack With Feathers

It’s so rare that we get to share some of the most incredible inventions in the universe with you all, which is why I’m so excited about Kikbo, a small puck topped with feathers that lets you and your potentially stoned friends hacky sack the night away in style – with feathers!

The $7 toy has real goose feathers attached to it and it works just like a hacky sack (except, again, for the feathers). The creators, a pair of brothers from Connecticut, are pretty serious about the Kikbo craze and, while I suspect they may need to make a vegan Kikbo for their audience, I don’t see why this shouldn’t be a rousing success.

These guys are actually a pretty scrappy hardware start-up and just because their product uses feathers instead of clouds doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get a warm reception in the parking lots outside of silicon valley headquarters everywhere.

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