Frank & Oak Helps Twentysomething Men Dress Themselves

A new site called Frank & Oak wants to take the headache out of clothes shopping for men between 20 and 35.

The site is a new product from men’s clothing company Modasuite (a startup based in Canada and backed by Real Ventures). With Frank & Oak, CEO Ethan Song says the company is aiming at a younger audience (Modasuite’s customer base is more in the 30-45 range), so the clothing is more affordable and the process is simpler.

Subscribers just go to the Frank & Oak site and enter their clothing preferences. Then, once a month you get an email newsletter with a list of items for sale, curated to your interests — Song compares it to a personalized men’s fashion magazine. (At first, I thought a monthly newsletter didn’t seem frequent enough, but Song says men in their 20s and early 30s don’t want to buy clothes more often than that.) You select up to five items, which are then shipped to you free of charge. The ones you don’t like, or that don’t fit, you send back, and you pay for the ones you keep. The goal, Song says, is to create “the most hassle-free experience I’ve ever had.”

This isn’t the first startup built around the assumption that men would rather get something shipped to them than have to go out shopping — the most extreme example is probably Manpacks, where men can sign up for deliveries of underwear, socks, and other necessities. Song says that a better comparison to ModaSuite/Frank & Oak’s business model would be a custom clothing site like StyleMint or a custom accessory site like ShoeDazzle, except focused on men’s clothing.

Song also emphasizes that this isn’t a flash sale site, where companies are often trying to sell off excess inventory. Instead, Modasuite team designs the clothing, and it has direct relationships with the manufacturers. That means it can deliver high-quality products at a relatively low-price, he says — on Frank & Oak, shirts cost about $40 and accessories cost about $25.

And yes, I realize that I could probably use some fashion help myself. Oh, and TechCrunch readers get a special discount. Enter the code “TECHGO” and you’ll get $10 off your next purchase.