WorldDesk launches Dropbox-powered way to access your desktop

It would appear Dropbox is building a pretty wide ecosystem around its service and the latest today is an integration with WorldDesk. Who are they? Well they provide desktop virtualisation software, and they’ve just launched a beta cloud-based desktop delivery platform leveraging Dropbox.

Right now WorldDesk lets you access your “desktop” (whatever that is these days) from any device,allowing access to your applications and personalised desktop from your physical machine. Using WorldDesk, you could use a simple USB drive, or access your desktop from a smartphone, for instance.

But its integration with Dropbox means you can now access your desktop, through your Dropbox folder, on any 32-bit Windows 7 machine. They are also finalising plans to roll-out across all other operating systems and on other cloud storage platforms.

Belfast-based WorldDesk was founded by Claire Moore and Jonathan Chesney in early 2010, who clearly went to a lot of trouble to created a Valentine themed video below.