lands $530,000, lets you aggregate your digital life (or something)

SpeedInvest, an “early-stage super angel fund” headquartered in Austria, has injected $530,000 into, which is the reboot service (sounds way nicer than ‘pivot’) of micro-publishing tools maker

The service is invite-only, and I haven’t had the chance to check it out yet, but the description(s) given to is actually quite confusing to me:

“A platform for building rich media and personal expression with simple but sophisticated online design tools. The service targets creative people who wish to bring together all of their digital media into a powerful, unique individual brand.”


With, photographers can create exciting portfolio pages; designers can create 3D interior views; musicians can create timeline views for band histories; filmmakers can use editing bay features and screening room features, and hackers can deliver scrapbooks of their data.

Sounds somewhat similar to (and the screenshots on the website remind me of), (note: this is an AOL service) or the lesser known Follr – if you’d ask me.

Developed by Christopher Clay, founder of Vienna’s hacker community space Metalab, is also described in the press release as “a design studio and personalized web aggregation service”, a “reverse Flipboard” and a “multimedia content aggregation platform”.

If that’s not enough, says it will also “sell ‘visualizations’, dynamic tools that render media and content, through an app store that will also enable third-party content providers to develop and sell their own stunning visualizations”.

So many buzzwords and different product descriptions it has got my head spinning. will be based in New York and San Francisco, with a development team in Vienna, Austria.