Goodbye Robin (And Greg)

Here’s why I love TechCrunch; because I’m going to just post this a little before midnight, and I dare someone to take it down while I sleep.

I. triple. dog. dare. you. :P

Anyways today we hired a bunch of people (Hi Colleen! Hi Ingrid!) and made some existing people Super Ninja Princesses or something, but in the meantime we lost two crucial members of our team to competitors, Mobile Editor Greg Kumparak and Europe Writer Robin Wauters. It’s a huge loss.

I wholeheartedly agree with this guy — We can’t just pretend these kinds of things away. We should be honest about how TechCrunch is different now and what our goals are with regards to our community and readers, in a post.

This is not that post, because this is my really short goodbye to my very talented colleagues who started here way before I did — with Kumparak at four years, Wauters at three and a half.

Hell, Robin even recommended me for the TC writing job. Thanks Robin. (Oh and goodbye Evelyn, while I get the chance!)

If you want to read the ‘Goodbye’ post we should have written, go here.

And also, I think TechCrunch is going to be okay, no matter whose ego tries to get in its way — Michael Arrington (and Heather Harde) built it larger than life.

And it is.