StopTheHacker Helps Website Owners Combat Malware, Raises $1.1 Million

StopTheHacker, an aptly named provider of SaaS-based website security services, has secured $1.1 million in first-round funding from public and private investors, including Runa Capital and former Bluecoat chief executive Brian NeSmith.

StopTheHacker’s technology, which relies on machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques, basically helps website owners prevent, detect and recover from online malware attacks and other hacker shenanigans with a software-as-a-service offering.

The company says its AI engine is based on four years of research at the University of California, Riverside, which was originally funded by the National Science Foundation (also see team). The engine, StopTheHacker says, boasts self-adapting capabilities, constantly monitoring new strains of malware to build a profile of emerging threats.

StopTheHacker is based in San Francisco.