Meundies Wants To Send You A New Pair Of Underwear Every Month

In the same space as other “get random stuff sent to you” startups (but especially Manpacks) Meundies launches today to bring users high quality underwear choices in a month to month subscription model.

The Meundies onboarding process basically functions like that of Stylemint, where users select the styles and colors they like and the startup provides them with personalized choices, for $16 a month per item in addition to free shipping and returns. Members have the option of skipping a month or putting their membership on pause during the first five days of each month. Members can also cancel their membership at any time without penalty. Yay!

Meundies co-founders Barak Diskin and Jonathan Shokrian view Meundies as a true eCommerce service — cutting out retail middlemen and brand licensing fees in order to¬†save their customers money on basics. According to Diskin, Meundies are 30% cheaper than comparable brands, starting at $16 for a Meundies-branded pair of underwear versus $26 for brands like Calvin Klein or Cosabella.

As part of the Meundies schtick, the company guarantees that their product is the “most comfortable underwear ever”, and it takes great lengths to personally gauge quality control in the American and Turkish factories where it manufactures its product, establish relationships with manufacturers and communicate with customers directly through Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest in order to pinpoint exactly what they want.

“It’s a headache to shop in stores for items you aren’t allowed to try on or don’t need to try on because you already know your size,” says Diskin, “We’ve created a membership program for replenishment items like underwear and socks so that you can have them delivered to your door monthly, quarterly, or whenever you want rather than having to run to the store once there are holes in them.”

The founders view their market as $5 billion in universal underwear spend for men and $15 billion for women and only see those numbers as increasing as their scope expands.

Diskin tells me that the  eventual goal is to make the highest quality products, producing premium undergarments for people who want easy access to top quality apparel. Eventually the company wants to go long into all sorts of basic clothing items, from leggings to sweats to shirts, etc.

TechCrunch readers can try out Meundies with the code “TECHCRUNCH” in order to get half off their first purchase. Don’tcha wish your tech blog was hot like mine?