UPDATE: Executives Of Swedish Start-Up Klarna Arrested For Alleged Molestation

Details are sparse and we have calls in, but the two execs at Klarna, Jens Saltin and Niklas Adalberth, were arrested at the W Hotel in New York for alleged molestation. The victim was a 19-year-old tourist from Texas.

Saltin and Adalberth are currently out on $10,000 bail. According to the report:

“defendant Adalberth straddled informant, both defendants removed informant’s clothes, and defendant Adalberth grabbed informant’s breast. Deponent is further informed that she did not consent to said conduct.”

Klarna is a Sequoia-backed start-up and was a runner-up for Best International Start-up at the Crunchies.

UPDATE – Updated with information supplied by Niklas Adalberth’s lawyer.
UPDATE – Updated with information from the police report.
UPDATE – We have received a statement from Klarna:

We are aware of the alleged incident in New York City involving Niklas Adalberth and Jens Saltin. Both Mr. Adalberth and Mr. Saltin maintain their innocence and have taken temporary leave from the company while the matter is being investigated.