Apple Restores Qihoo 360 Mobile Apps In The App Store

On Saturday, February 4, something strange happened to Qihoo 360, a security software company. Their apps, at least the ones in the Apple App Store, were missing.

After reaching out to Apple, the company learned that Apple had removed their apps based on “unusual user rating activities by unknown sources on certain Qihoo 360 applications.” There was no further explanation.

However, today Apple has reinstated Qihoo 360’s iOS apps, without asking the company to modify any of them.

Seems fishy, right?

Bloomberg reports that these “unusual user rating activities” included both negative and positive comments towards the company, but didn’t have any further information on the nature of these ratings.

In the interim, Qihoo fell 6.1 percent on the NYSE on February 6 for a share price of $17.89, the company’s lowest share price since January 4. Luckily, analysts speaking with Bloomberg estimate that only about five percent of the company’s user base are Apple product owners.