Why Launch An Airbnb For Event Spaces? Venues Just The “Tip Of The Spear” Says Eventup CEO

LA-based, Science-backed startup Eventup launched this morning, providing people who want to rent or rent out spaces for events like parties and conferences with an easy-to-use platform from which to do so.

In the same space as Venuetastic, but with a wider array of venue options that go beyond bars to offerings like homes and even a farm ranch, EventUp wants to eventually control the entire events funnel from catering to invitations. Well that’s one way to corner a market, but what if Airbnb itself encroaches on your turf?

“The venue is the “tip of the spear” of events,” explains founder Tony Adam, “You need the venue before you can start thinking about any other parts of your event. Once we help the consumer with the venue, it opens up access to other events services like catering, event planners, valet, etc.”

Adam tells me that the EventUp team spends considerable time vetting each venue and seeking out worthy properties.

EventUp monetizes by taking a 10% cut of all transactions, and has hundreds of venues listed in Los Angeles at launch, with launches in the rest of the country imminent (People can still post venues in other locales).

“There are a lot of fragmented, local directories for specialized events, like weddings, but we have not come across a single marketplace that supports many types of events and allows individuals to list their own property,” says Adam, who we interviewed for TCTV above, “We not only create access to these venues, but they can book online, simply and easily.”