Pledge Your Android Allegiance With The Andru MicroUSB Charger

There’s no shortage of Android swag floating around out there — Android-themed watch anyone? — but this thing is probably one of the more useful gifts for the Android devotee in your life. Take it from me: of all the AC adapters floating around TechCrunch’s New Jersey headquarters (a.k.a my home), none are quite as charming as Andru here.

Aside from being able to charge your gadgets with aplomb (at which point his beady eyes light up), relentless fidgeters like me can also spin his little arms around. And when Andru isn’t in use, feel free to give him a pair of legs by slipping on that bright green prong cover.

Really, what better way to pledge your allegiance to Google than by making sure the power that runs into your Android device first runs though a small green robot?

Alright, so Andru isn’t exactly the first Android-themed charger we’ve seen, but it certainly seems to be a nicer option than some of the alternatives. Those of you who feel the compulsive urge to fill your home or workspace with geeky tchotchkes can pick up an Andru from Gen for $25, which is still probably less than a bog-standard microUSB charger at your local big box store.