Facebook Reveals: Seventh Grade Boys Have Feelings, Too! (Video)

Do you remember the seventh grade? The first time your new girlfriend hated on your best friend? What about your first kiss?

I don’t remember any of that, but the memories came flying back to me after I saw this video. If I had to sum it up in one word I’d call it amazing, mostly because it combines three of my favorite things: confrontations settled over social networks, dramatic reenactments, and tweens’ tendency to talk about matters of the heart as though they understand them.

Oh, I should probably tell you what you’re about to look at. This is a dramatization of a real conversation had by seventh graders on Facebook.

The video stresses that the script is copied from the Facebook convo “verbatim.” Truth be told, if it was verbatim these actors would be pronouncing words that are misspelled in all kinds of fun ways, but if they did that you wouldn’t be able to understand the true gravity of this heart-wrenching dialogue.

The best part of the whole thing is that this group, The NavySealsofComedy, is prepared to make more videos following the exact same premise. Just send your FB convo screenshots to navysealsofcomedy@gmail.com.

Grab some tissues (for tears of laughter or nostalgia makes no difference), scroll all the way to the bottom of your Facebook Timeline, and enjoy!