Cloudera Founder’s Big Data Management Startup WibiData Raises $5M From NEA And Eric Schmidt

Exclusive: WibiData, the big data management startup co-founded by Cloudera founder Christophe Bisciglia and Aaron Kimball, is announcing $5 million in new funding from NEA and Google Chairman Eric Schmidt. Past investors in the company include Cloudera CEO Mike Olson, and SV Angel.

As we’ve written in the past, WibiData wants to help companies manage and analyze complex business data about users so you can predict how they are going to interact with the product in the future. Data such as email records, web histories and other interactions cannot be easily analyzed together, but WibiData aims to solve this problem. Specifically, the technology can be used for personalization for a number of web companies, including consumer web, e-commerce and gaming companies.

Bisciglia says that customers can use the data analysis platform to create personalized products and services. And the technology easily integrates with business intelligence and database offerings. Additionally, the startup’s talent includes Bisciglia’s former colleagues from Google’s personalization team.

The company’s client base counts Wikipedia, Rich Relevance, and Atlassian. For example, Wikipedia uses WibiData to better understand their contributor community, such as analyzing revision histories, understanding individual areas of expertise, and identifying trends in contribution patterns. RichRelevance, which powers personalization for retailers, uses WibiData to manage complex user data, and enable collaboration between their engineering and data science teams.

Under the hood, Wibidata is helping companies leverages Apache Hadoop to manage and analyze large amounts of data. Bisciglia has in-depth experience with the technology as the founder of Cloudera, a developer and commercial distributor of Hadoop, the open source software that powers the data processing engines of the worldʼs largest and most popular web sites. Prior to Cloudera, Bisciglia was a senior engineer at Google where he founded and led Google’s Academic Cloud Computing Initiative, which provides Google hosted computational resources to facilitate education and research to universities around the world.

Bisciglia tells us that WibiData (which was formerly Odiago) is focused on creating a unified framework for engineers and data scientists who collaborate around tools and applications. The product is still in beta, but has already doubled its customer base. “We’re helping deliver personalized products and services in a way that can scale to large volumes of data and be flexible as data evolves,” he says.

He explains that he sees the competition as internal teams who are struggling to close the gap between where Hadoop is a platform and where it comes into real-time application delivery. Bisciglia contends that Wibidata closes this gap, and will recompute recommendations and personalization info on the fly, as a user continues to interact with a product or service offering. This enables companies to personalize the experience in real-time.

The new funding will be used to grow WibiData’s engineering team, open an office, and more.

WibiData is entering the market at a time when big data analysis and personalization are ramping up. As more retailers, e-commerce companies and other technology startups increase personalization, there’s no doubt that a real-time layer to process and analyze user data is going to be in-demand.