Wunderkit launches beta for its wunderbar-designed productivity platform

WunderkitBerlin-based startup 6Wunderkinder has just launched the beta for their productivity suite Wunderkit. This is an extension to their simple, yet well designed task list manager Wunderlist, which was acclaimed both by early adopters and users.

With Wunderkit the startup is now taking a next step. They’ve stuck to the user experience that, while beautifully crafted on the one hand is surely tricky to get used to, and have taken their core task manager several steps further by wrapping a fully fledged social network around it. Whereas RememberTheMilk had been their primary competitor until now, the company is now directly competing with full virtual workspace apps such as Podio or Asana, all of them trying to re-invent peoples’ work and organize their private and professional lives.

At this stage, Podio seems to be ahead of its competitors with its ability to customize work space and and a proprietary app store within the web application. Wunderkit now offers three basic apps to begin with (Notes, dashboard and tasks) for Pro users. In contrast to their early product, Wunderlist, the team headed by founder and CEO Christian Reber, decided to step away from a desktop application and has moved the entire suite into the web. When the app launched in closed beta a couple of weeks ago more than 5.000 users and 2 million users have signed up since the startups begin 14 months ago.

A couple of months ago the startup received $4,2M from Atomico Ventures and it is now clear where that money went to. With the announcement 6wunderkinder also announced, that they are introducing a “Pro” version, that allows people to work and interact in between different workspaces, whereas free accounts are limited to the respective workspace.