The New Android Watch In The Google Store Isn’t What You Think

I really wish this whole post could be about Google taking a big step forward in the field of wearable tech with the introduction of a new Android-powered wrist device, but their new Android watch is simply a watch with Android logos on it.

So what if it can’t display text messages, connect to a phone via Bluetooth, or play Angry Birds on your wrist — it’s a completely serviceable timepiece and it’s a fraction of the price of an actual Android-powered watch. The watches themselves are from Modify, and sticking to their usual MO, they allow you to swap the actual clock itself into different wristbands.

Still, I don’t think there’s such thing as too much swag, and it already looks like a fair number of people are pledging their mobile OS allegiance with their wallets. The Google Store already out of the large watches, and there are only ten more meant for people with tiny wrists at time of writing. If the disappointment is too much to bear though (and you don’t feel like waiting for new stock to come in), you could always try and ease your pain by buying a Chrome watch instead.