LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner Says IPO “Didn’t Really Change Anything”

LinkedIn’s Jeff Weiner won this year’s Best CEO award at the Crunchies, and backstage he talked about LinkedIn’s big milestone from the past year — its IPO.

“The event itself was memorable, but for us it was really just a stepping stone,” Weiner said. It’s a common theme from Weiner’s interviews before the IPO, when he would dodge questions about the timing and emphasize that it was just another step in the company’s growth. This time, Weiner added that he’s proudest of the fact that “for us, it didn’t really change anything.”

Weiner was also asked about Facebook’s impending IPO and whether he had any advice for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. His answer: “Go in when you’re ready. I’m sure they’ve given it a lot of thought.”

You can watch a video of the full interview below.