Facebook Still Growing Everywhere, Europe Leads At 229M, Asia Catching Up With 212M

I’ve spent the last few years trying to figure out Facebook’s regional traffic numbers via third party measurement firms and by scraping its ad tool. But now, I don’t have to, because the company has included the breakdown in its S-1 filing today.

And what does it show? Across the board growth. Take a look at the graphs below, going back to March of 2009. Contrary to various other data sets, there is literally no three-month period where it didn’t gain users in every single region.

As of the end of 2011, here’s how its 845 million monthly active users broke down:

North America (US and Canada): 179 million

Europe: 229 million

Asia: 212 million

Rest of the world: 225 million

Facebook goes on to explain that Brazil and India are now key sources of growth. The former grew 268% in 2011 to reach 37 million MAU. The latter grew by 132% over last year to reach 46 million.

Meanwhile, its first and still largest country market, the United States, still had a strong year even with all of its growth in the past. It increased by 16% to reach 161 million MAU.