Deadpool Alert: Google Wave Goes Read-Only

Everyone out of the pool! Google is shutting it down. As announced late last year, Google Wave is now in the final stages of its life and became read-only yesterday. Come April 30 the Wave pool will be shut down forever. It was fun while it lasted.

Wave was supposed to be an email killer. For a short time Wave invites were a hot commodity. It was supposed to change communication forever on the Internet. And it did — at least for awhile. But once the novelty wore off, the waves turned from killer to calm. Users turned back to email and Google Docs. Now the pool is empty.

Google announced last November that Wave would be shut down on April 30, 2012. But prior to completely closing the service, Google is giving Wave users time to export their data to a PDF or HTML file — only until April 30th. Sigh. I like Wave.