BlackBerry Users Least Likely To Score On The First Date… In Canada, Mind You

You’ve heard of, right? It’s a dating site much like OkCupid or eHarmony, and from the bowels of the website’s collective online dating profiles, a company called Zoomerang harvested an interesting bit of data regarding who gets laid and which phones they own. In Canada, mind you.

According to the study, BlackBerry users are the least likely to hook up on the first date, scoring just 48 percent of the time. In Canada, mind you — you know, where RIM is based. Meanwhile, Android users seem to know their way around a pair of pants, hooking up on 62 percent of their first dates. iPhone users fall smack in the middle, with a lead-off home run 57 percent of the time.

That said, Android users are also the most likely to use a dating website at 72 percent, while only 58 percent of iPhone users and half of BlackBerry owners go to dating sites. Canadian Android users are also the most likely to have a one-night stand, at 55 percent. That compared to the 50 percent of iPhone users and 47.6 percent of BlackBerry users who would would hit it and quit it. Meanwhile, iPhone owners are the most likely to start a relationship with someone they work with.

Of course, as PhoneArena points out, switching from a BlackBerry to the Galaxy Nexus probably won’t make a difference. The research is correlative. Still, something can be done now that we know who scores and who needs to update their hardware.

(For Canadians only)

  • First, if you own an Android phone and your crush does too, go ahead and try to get it on. The odds are in your favor.
  • If your a BlackBerry owner, do your best to look for an Android-flavored suitor. You’re already at a disadvantage apparently.
  • iPhone owners, simply look to your left or right. I’m assuming you’re still at work, and if another iPhowner is around, you may be able to leave the office with more than a migraine.

Pro Tip: Once a connection is made, put your phone down for a while. Unless of course you’re installing the OhMiBod app.