Best Overall Startup Dropbox Looks To The Future

Dropbox took home two of the big awards at this year’s Crunchies: Best Cloud Service and Best Overall Startup. Both times, CEO Drew Houston came backstage to talk about the company’s growth and its future.

When asked about what he’s planning for 2012, Houston offered some very broad thoughts, saying that “one of the most exciting things that’s happened” recently is the explosion of devices that people can use to access Dropbox from. When he looks to the future, he says one of his big goals is to move further in that direction, unifying the experience across those devices.

“Really, today people might think of us as something they put on their computer or their phone but really what we’re trying to do is build is this fabric that ties together everything that you use and simplifies your life,” Houston said.

You can watch video of Houston’s interview after his big victory below.