GeeknRolla rocks into the London Web Summit, March 19

Way back in 2009 there was no large event dedicated to technology startups in the UK. TechCrunch, under Mike Arrington, was busy trying to get its TechCrunch50/Disrupt programme going in the US, and outside of local meetups, the TC event juggernaut still had yet to arrive in Europe. My friend and colleague Robin Wauters was doing Plugg in Brussels, but there wasn’t a startup event in London. So I launched a personal project, an event I called GeeknRolla, the name for which I literally dreamt up in a London pub. Despite those amateurish beginnings, about 400 people turned up that year, and I ran it again for the next couple of years as a fun side project. But times move on and after running it single-handedly for three years in a row, I’m going to bring the GeeknRolla “mojo” to a new event (while we wait for the TC event machine to spin up in Europe, and more on that later so stay tuned).

Thus, GeeknRolla and the Dublin Web Summit, are merging to create the London Web Summit. It’ll be on March 19th in The Brewery Venue, in London’s “Tech City” area.

Meanwhile, for fans of our GeeknRolla atmosphere and general hell-raising, stay subscribed to the Twitter, Facebook and Lanyard. It’s not the end of the tech punk rockers just yet…

I’ll be co-curating the Summit along with Paddy Cosgrave of the Dublin Web Summit and chairing the start up competition, which you can apply to enter by clicking here.

We think the Summit will provide great opportunities to hear from international speakers, networking with leading start ups, investors, media and digital leaders.

Tickets go on sale in the coming days, until then, you can apply for a voucher for 2 tickets for the price of 1 below here.

If your’e a startup under 2 yrs old with less that £3m funding and want to come you can enter the startup competition and get a code to buy TWO tickets for ONE (so each ticket costs £247.50). If you’re one of the above and have already bought a full priced ticket, enter to get another ticket for free. For a demo space you can enter for the demo and pay £995 for a demo space and two tickets.

I hope to see you there, and we can keep on rocking Europe!