T-Mobile Plans To Limit Domestic Data Roaming On April 5

If you tend to play on the magenta network, a leaked document out of T-Mobile may require your attention.

According to TmoNews, the carrier will impose new rules for domestic data roaming on April 5. Instead of the unlimited data goodness you’ve likely grown accustomed to, the carrier will cut you off after you burn through an allotted amount of data. Here’s how it’ll work:

Domestic data roaming will not be subject to data speed reduction. The allotment will be reset with each bill cycle. After the allotment is reached, the customer will no longer have data roaming access until they return to the T-Mobile network or connect via Wi-Fi if they have a Wi-Fi capable device.

Truth be told, a good deal of you won’t notice the difference at all. The same system is in use across most of the wireless industry and T-Mo claims it will “help T-Mobile reduce data roaming costs in order to continue providing the most competitive pricing options.”

International voice and data roaming will be left alone, as will domestic voice roaming.