Not A Bad Bundle Idea: ‘The Sound Supply’ Offers 10 Digital Music Albums For $15

Forgive me if you’ve seen this on Boing Boing yesterday already, but I’m always looking for interesting startups in the digital music space, and I think The Sound Supply‘s idea is, well, sound.

Basically, The Sound Supply bundles 10 DRM-free digital music albums and lets you buy the lot online for a mere $15. According to the website, all participating bands and artists – including the wonderful Sophie Madeleine and Colour Revolt – agreed to collectively share their music this way.

The site lets you pre-listen to all albums in the bundle (dubbed the Supply Drop) and also offers a video with a short introduction to all participating artists and bands.

As a commenter pointed out on Boing Boing, the website could be a little more informative. There’s nothing on the site that tells visitors how they can purchase the bundle (you find out this is can be done exclusively via PayPal only after you kick off the buying process), and there’s also no information about the sound quality, format, length, size and so on.

In an email to us, The Sound Supply referred to the site as a music group-buying service, implying that you can buy discounted music albums by purchasing them as a group (e.g. if 50 people agree to buy the bundle for $15, the sale goes through – see fipster) but as far as I can tell this is not the case. Likely, they mean that you can buy multiple albums in one go for a limited time (10 days), but the wording was confusing nonetheless.

All in all, The Sound Supply is not such a bad idea. If you’re into this kind of thing, also check out Sony’s daily deals site for music Pop Market, GroopEase and Hello Music (deals for musicians).