Conceptboard receives funding from HighTech Gruenderfonds, Seedfonds

Conceptboard, a virtual whiteboard startup, which was in the news recently with their G+ Hangout feature, just announced that’ve raised “a 6-figure funding round” from two German investors. Details of the investment have not been shared publicly, but TechCrunch has learned that it was around 500.000 euros.

It’s the startups series A round, and was led by Germany’s HighTech Gründerfonds and Seedfonds BW – both semi-governmental funding institutions that have backed numerous German startups.

Conceptboard is a collaborative online workspace, or whiteboard, that allows teams to work on the same visual documents in real time. With the Google+ Hangout extension the core functionality is being extended through video chats, neatly integrated into the Conceptboard web app.

In the press release CEO Daniel Bohn also gives a glimpse for what the new capital is going to be used for. Apart from hiring employees and developing the product, their goal is to “set up Conceptboard as an open platform and to co-operate with software and hardware suppliers”. It will be interesting to see how they plan to move into hardware.

The company was founded in 2010 by Daniel Bohn and Christian Schröder. Shortly afterwards, business angel investors Michael Pott, Matthias Storch and Christopher Münchhoff invested in the Stuttgart-based startup.