Too Busy To Actually Call Your Mom? Hashtagmom Does It When You Check-In

Sure, your mom carried you for nine months. And yeah, she wiped your bum for years, put clothes on your back, and made sure you got a decent education so you could move to California and rock a hoodie and work somewhere where there’s always beer in the fridge and go-karts to be ridden. But can you really be expected to call her from time to time to let her know where you are? Time is money, Mom. Get on Foursquare or something.

Looking to ease the anxiety for the mothers of the world whose brats kids are too busy to call is #hashtagmom. You check-in somewhere on Foursquare with the titular #mom hashtag, and it’ll do all the talking (or texting) for you.

To begin, you punch in your mom’s phone number and then login to the service with Foursquare (from which it’ll grab your first name, determine whether to call you “Son” or “Daughter”, and monitor your check-ins). From there, any check-ins with the “#mom” hashtag will be relayed to her by text or phone call. As their example, the check-in “Landed! #mom” could ring up your mom and say “Hi! Your [son/daughter] [Your name here] asked us to let you know he is safely at JFK airport. He said, “Landed!”

According to the guys who built it (Jeff Weinstein and Steve Pike), the service was built as a “fun side project” to help them wrap their heads around the Twilio/Foursquare APIs that power it.

(And don’t ask me what the mom is doing with her non-phone-holding hand in that picture. I have no idea.)