Samsung Employee Leaks New Info On Future Galaxy Tabs

I just love it when leaks come straight from the horse’s mouth. A leaky horse mouth, if you will.

Electronista is reporting that a Samsung product marketing manager by the name of Ryan Bidan has let slip a few details on the next Galaxy Tab or, potentially, the next iteration of the Galaxy Note.

According to the report, Mr. Bidan hinted at the inclusion of an S pen (the same stylus used with the Note), 3D gestures courtesy of the front-facing camera, and perhaps even some voice controls “in certain circumstances.”

Here’s the official quote:

I think a pen interface continues to make a lot of sense across a number of screen sizes, like the larger is more obvious of those. That’s about as specific as I can be without announcing a product.

Samsung has been aggressive with its move into the tablet arena, offering a number of different-sized products with most of the same feature sets. In fact, if we include the Galaxy Note phablet, screen sizes range from 5.3-inches to 10.1-inches. The probability of a larger Galaxy Note, however, is pretty minimal since anything even slightly bigger would have a tough time fitting into a pockets — which is necessary if we’re to call it a smartphone.

That said, the S pen (along with the other reported new features) will likely be integrated onto a new Galaxy Tab, but which size has yet to be determined. Samsung has already released three 10-inch GalTab models, and two 7-inchers. So if I had to guess, I’d say you’ll likely find these new features on a 10-inch model before you see them anywhere else. If it goes well, perhaps Samsung will integrate the S pen elsewhere.

But we mustn’t forget that most tablets sold with a stylus haven’t done so well… yet. Then again, that isn’t really the fault of the stylus so much as it is other factors.

Remember, the stylus does have its perks, and if it doesn’t add much cost for Samsung, why not add the feature?