Online Investing Platform Kapitall Now Lets You Trade Stocks

Kapitall, a web app that investors can use to research and analyze stocks, mutual funds and exchange traded funds, is debuting the ability to trade stocks via its platform today.

Kapitall’s interface is inspired by video game design and combines a graphical user interface with tools that make it easy to build portfolios, share ideas and execute trades. The startup believes that people can learn to navigate the stock market even if they don’t have a financial planner or don’t have the experience to sift through financial statements of public companies. The drag and drop interface was designed by Cordell Ratzlaff who led the design of Mac OS X at Apple.

The simple brokerage platform has no minimums to open and maintain an account, and is fully paperless. You can choose to transfer real money into Kapitall to begin trading or use practice portfolios to see how your trades perform, risk-free.

The platform takes a more visual approach to trading and analysis, and allows you to access in-depth summaries of each public company, including financials, analyst opinions, recent stock fluctuations, news and more. You can also choose to invest in companies by trends, and Kapitall has grouped companies together by categories like ‘green picks,’ ‘beauty,’ ‘high risk,’ and ‘high growth.’

Once you start investing, you’ll be able to see visual picture of your portfolio based on sectors, returns, and more. You can access all of your transaction history, share portfolios with other users and more.

Kapitall is trying to offer a simpler, more easy to use online brokerage option to consumers who may be challenged by using E-Trade, TD Ameritrade and others. Another startup that is also aiming to democratize the online trading space is Zecco.