Watch And Share The State Of The Union, Thanks to SnappyTV

If you’re watching President Obama’s State of the Union tonight, startup SnappyTV has a cool way for you to share your favorite clips with your friends — and we’re including it in this post.

We’ve already written about the clip-sharing service, which launched last year. To coincide with the State of the Union, SnappyTV is opening up its Pro Editor, which allows content owners and online news organizations to an easy way to create a timeline of clips using live footage, and also includes collaboration and social analytics tool.

In the version below, you can watch the the State of the Union video stream from Ustream, then hit the “get clip” button to create a 30-second clip of whatever you want to share and talk about. Then you can post a link to that clip to Facebook or Twitter.

The State of the Union starts at 6pm Pacific time.