ScholarPro Intelligently Matches Students With Educational Scholarships

Chicago-based ScholarPro is launching today as an intelligent matching system for students and educational scholarships. Designed to ease the search and application process, ScholarPro’s adaptive matching engine promises to deliver smarter, targeted lists of scholarships. It aims to fix the current dated process that require students to navigate complex application processes and then fail to deliver relevant results.

On the site, you answer a few simple adaptive questions, such as where you are from, etc. and the platform will match you to scholarships that fit your needs. You can actually apply for the scholarships directly from ScholarPro.

As founder Francis Kim explains, the startup’s matching engine is actually built on the adaptive quiz and aims to strictly qualify student for scholarships so results are opportunities students actually qualify for.

Fot now, ScholarPro only offers scholarships available in California but will be steadily expanding. Kim says the site is free to use and wouldn’t reveal revenue plans just yet. The startup recently raised just under $1 million and was led by Sandbox Industries with Sam Yagan, Mac Harman and KD Capital participating.