I Didn’t Think Samsung Could Top Its Anti-Apple Ads… Until I Saw These

Next weekend is like the Super Bowl of commercials. Well, actually, next weekend is the Pro Bowl, which is also much like a Super Bowl… for companies… with regards to their commercials.

Maybe I should try a different analogy.

Either way, next weekend and the weekend after are big for most companies and Samsung is getting started early with its latest “Apple fanbois are silly for waiting outside” campaign.

The two most recent ads harp on the same jokes — that Apple customers are willing to camp out for “the next big thing” — but thankfully no humor is lost. What’s interesting, however, is that Samsung seems to be taking the whole “fanboi” thing a step further by showing off Google’s voice transcription and touting 4G LTE status.

The question of whether or not Samsung can make us laugh is already answered, but can they make us buy their phone? That’s an entirely different question.