Announcing A New TechCrunch TV Show: “In the Studio”

Editor’s note: TechCrunch contributor Semil Shah is an entrepreneur interested in digital media, consumer Internet, and social networks. Shah currently works at Votizen and is based in Palo Alto; you can follow him on twitter @semil

I’ve been contributing to TechCrunch for a while now, and, it’s been a blast and a privilege. As 2011 ended, I reached out Erick and Jon Orlin (who runs TechCrunch TV) and shared some ideas I had for a TV show around technology and entrepreneurship. After many email debates, we settled on something we’re excited about and is dead-simple, which we’ll simply call “In the Studio.”

Once a month, we’ll spend half a day videotaping 1:1 interviews with guests in the studio at TechCrunch Headquarters in San Francisco. Each conversation will be anywhere from 8-13 minutes. I plan to sit down with all sorts of dynamic people in the startup world, everything from founders, developers, designers, marketers, recruiters, bloggers, investors, and more. Our goals are to (1) invite truly compelling guests to the studio and (2) offer them a platform to share perspectives on their work with all of us in an informal, conversational manner.

We’ll publish a new “In the Studio” segment every Thursday at 12pm PST. I’ll write a very short post around each video as well to provide more focused context and to clearly communicate why I think that particular guest is worth watching. Our hope is that these great guests and interesting topics can share more information about parts of technology entrepreneurship that may not be captured in written form. That is the goal, and we hope you’ll watch the first one coming out this Thursday at noon. Stay tuned!

Photo Credit: Creative Commons Flickr / NASA Goddard Photo and Video