Announcing A New TechCrunch TV Show: “In the Studio”

I've been contributing to TechCrunch for a while now, and, it's been a blast and a privilege. As 2011 ended, I reached out Erick and Jon Orlin (who runs TechCrunch TV) and shared some ideas I had for

Evernote Bought Four Companies Last Year And (Almost) Nobody Knew About It

It may seem strange to think of productivity app <a href="">Evernote</a> as a platform, but with 20 million users and 9,000 apps built on the client, the three and a half-year

Tiny Tower Developers Call Out Zynga For Copying Their Game (After They Refused To Be Acquired)

The guys from NimbleBit (developers of <em>Tiny Tower</em>, the <a href="">game handpicked by Apple as iOS Ga

Obama: America Should Support The Next Steve Jobs

In his State of the Union address tonight, President Obama <a href="">laid out a blueprint for economic recovery</a>, with numero

Kim Dotcom Denied Bail In New Zealand Court

The <a href="">Megaupload saga</a> continues. Kim Dotcom, Megaupload's mega founder, was just <a href="">deni

Between nothing and a blog: check out CheckThis, a cool new micro-publishing tool

<img src="" class="shot2" /> I don't often get a chance to write about a startup from my home country (Belgium) that I'm super excited ab

Google Stockpiles Data Ammo Through Privacy Merge, Guns To Win Relevancy War

Data is ammunition in the war for information relevancy. And Larry Page, the <a href="">prototypical war-time CEO</a>, has just told everyone

Watch And Share The State Of The Union, Thanks to SnappyTV

If you're watching President Obama's State of the Union tonight, SnappyTV has a cool way for you to share your favorite clips with your friends — and we're including it in this post. We've alread

App-maker Moonbot Gets An Oscar Nomination

There's been a lot of talk about the divide between Silicon Valley and Hollywood, but at least one upstart animation studio seems to have one foot comfortably in both worlds — Moonbot Studios, which

You Call That Evil?

There's a nice little insider quarrel going on over Google's just-announced privacy policy <a href="">changes</a>. A

Apple’s Massive Numbers And Some Context

Simply looking over <a href="">the numbers</a>, it might be hard to wrap your head around what A

Apple Now Has $97.6 Billion In Cash. Let The Share Buybacks Begin!

Apple ended <a href="">last quarter</a> and the year with almost $100 billion in cash ($97.6 bil

Babelverse To Offer Live Voice Translations For State Of The Union In Up To 7K Languages

Tonight, President Obama will give his 2012 State of the Union address before a joint session of Congress. The annual address, which will take place Tuesday night at 9pm EST/6pm PST (<a href="http://w

Moscow’s online travel market is booming, raises new round of funding

<img src="" class="shot2" /> <a href=""></a>, the Moscow-based hotel booking service, ju

Apple Talks Retail: 110 Million People Visited Apple Stores In Q1

I'm not a huge fan of schlepping around needlessly when I can do most of my shopping from the comfort of my chair, but Apple fans don't seem to have much trouble going to their local Apple store when

Rising Telecommuter Numbers Worldwide Form A Notable Trend

<a href="">A new poll</a> of over 11,000 workers worldwide by Ipsos and Reuters shows that telecommuting is an increasin

Tim Cook: “There Will Come A Day When The Tablet Market Is Larger Than The PC Market”

One of the big questions hanging over Apple this quarter was whether or not iPad sales would continue its rapid growth. Last quarter Amazon introduced the Kindle Fire at $200 (well below the iPAd's en

Tim Cook: Apple TV IS Still A Hobby, But I Couldn’t Live Without It

Apple TV is still a hobby. The word comes from Apple's Chief, Tim Cook who nevertheless championed the company's current offering. He stated that Apple sold more than 2.8 million Apple TV units last f

CouchSurfing gets more cash as Point Nine Capital becomes its first European investor

<img src="" class="shot2" /> <strong>Exclusive -</strong> Berlin-based early-stage venture capital firm <a href="

Apple: iCloud Now Has 85 Million Users

Apple launched its iCloud service a little over three months ago. Well, since then, over 85 million users are syncing their devices through their personal cloud. This comes from Peter Oppenheimer, App
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