Marketing Genius: Two Twins Giggling As They Sell You Designer 3D Glasses

If you thought Apple’s marketing squad was genius, just wait until you watch this Kickstarter video from Ingri:Dahl. If you aren’t already familiar with the “company,” which you shouldn’t be, it’s basically two sisters named Kine and Einy, and they want to sell you a 3D clip-on for your glasses.

It’s actually rather clever. The girls market fashionable 3D eyewear, and this 3D clip-on is just the latest in their collection. But that isn’t really the point.

I’m more interested in how this set of twins is pitching their product. A glance at their website would lead you to believe that they’ve got a legit business (and I believe that’s the case), but the way they market themselves and their products on Kickstarter begs to differ.

The video goes a little something like this:

“Hey guys! How are you?”

(giggle, giggle)

Whispered: “Let’s do that again.”

“Hey guys! How are you?”

“We’re going to show you how to use the 3D clip-on… You take off your prescription glasses, clip it on, and put your glasses back on… How cool is that?!?!”

The glasses-free twin then accuses the bespectacled twin of not having prescription glasses. And after some more synchronized giggling and what seems to be twin ESP, the duo shows off the t-shirt you’ll receive after pledging a $15 donation towards their project.

But the “commercial” can’t end before we venture back to the roots of Ingri:Dahl: the Popcorn model of fashionable 3D eyewear, and the company’s first design.

“It’s classical, it’s simple, and it’s super comfortable.”

Sounds like a can’t-miss opportunity if I’ve ever heard one.

No, but seriously. I kid around, but this could actually work for the Paulsen twins, who are about $2,500 shy of their goal with ten days left to go. They’re real, fun young women who seem to really enjoy what they’re building.

If you think you might enjoy it too, just head over to Ingri:Dahl’s Kickstarter page and make a pledge. This giggling twosome deserves it.