Sheryl Sandberg on Facebook Culture: It’s in the Posters

For the latest episode of her Valley Girl web show, Jesse Draper (daughter of venture capitalist Tim Draper) managed to score an interview with Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg.

For the first half of the interview, Sandberg talks about her work-life balance and her desire to see women in high-profile executive roles — it’s engaging and informal, though it largely covers the same ground as the New Yorker’s profile of Sandberg last year.

In the second half, she starts talking more about her vision for Facebook. When asked what she’s most excited about, Sandberg says it’s the impact that Facebook can have on people’s lives. As a personal example, she recounts publicly posting her grandmother’s obituary on Facebook and getting thousands of “likes” and hundreds of comments: “It made me feel connected to people in a time when I really needed that connection.”

Draper also asks about convincing older people (namely, Draper’s mother) to join Facebook. Sandberg makes the case that Facebook supports all kinds of use cases, whether it’s the over-sharer who posts every part of their day publicly, or someone who just shares with five friends.

“It’s really whatever you want it to be,” Sandberg says.

Finally, when Draper heads off to tour the Facebook office, Sandberg urges her to take a get a good look at the posters:

Our culture is really embodied in these posters. The culture is about doing things, shipping product. So we have these great posters, you know: “What would you do if you weren’t afraid? Done is better than perfect. We’re 1 percent of the way there.”

[via AllThingsD]