Here Come The iPad 2S/3 Cases!

It’s that time again, friends. Apple rumors are swirling and case makers are trying to get a jump in their competitive field. So much so that a Chinese manufacturing company “Chineestyle Co., Limited” is actually selling cases for the next-gen iPad, which they are calling the iPad 2S. Yep, it’s that time again.

The cases hint of minimal physically differences between the iPad 2 and the iPad 2S. The new version will look just like the current one. According to these specs the next iPad will be 1mm thicker than the iPad 2 and sport a slightly larger lens. These differences are in line with current rumors that state the next iPad will have a higher resolution screen and a better camera.

But that’s it. The overall design of the next iPad will be the same as the current one — at least that’s the story according to these iPad cases. The cases were reportedly built using information provided by an Apple supply chain vender.

This isn’t the first time cases have hit the market prior to Apple’s announcements. In the summer of 2009 iPod touch cases started appearing with a holes in the backside for a camera. The logical explanation was that Apple was prepping an iPod touch with a camera. A ton of these cases hit within weeks of each other. Apple was surely releasing an iPod touch with a camera, thought the Internet. But it didn’t happen for an entire year.

Then, just this past fall, a bunch of iPhone 5 cases hit lending to the theory that the iPhone 5 would be announced. The world got the iPhone 4S instead.

The same thing could happen with these iPad cases. They could be completely wrong. Or they could be completely right like the ones that appeared last year prior to the iPad 2’s announcement. The only safe bet right now is that Apple will announce a new iPad in the coming months.

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