Verizon To Light Up Five New LTE Markets Tomorrow

While AT&T may be hitting a roadblock on their path to 4G LTE expansion, Verizon LTE seems to be spreading like wildfire. It feels like just yesterday that Verizon rolled out 4G LTE service to its first batch of U.S. markets, and now over a year later 200 million Americans are enjoying higher speeds.

In fact, tomorrow Verizon will expand its high-speed network into five new markets, and expand coverage in three existing markets. New cities to receive coverage include Glens Falls, NY; Utica, NY; Lawton, OK; Brownsville, TX; and McAllen, TX. If you live in Atlanta, Houston or Spokane, chances are your 4G LTE service will reach right on into the suburbs come tomorrow, as Verizon is expanding its coverage in those markets.

Verizon’s LTE network is great, and the roll-out has been quick and mostly problem-free. However, the network itself seems to have had a few hiccups (that felt more like sweaty, drunk man belches) around the holiday season, but hopefully that’s all in the past.

[via MobileBurn]