There Were More Than 2.4M Tweets About SOPA Today

Today was the internet’s big protest day against SOPA and PIPA, and not surprisingly, there was plenty of discussion about the issue on Twitter. Specifically, the company tweeted that that there were more than 2.4 million SOPA-related tweets between midnight and 4pm Eastern time.

The top terms were SOPA, Stop SOPA, PIPA, Tell Congress, and the hashtag #factswithoutwikipedia (referring to Wikipedia’s anti-SOPA blackout, natch).

So how impressive was the Twitter turnout? Well, the company likes to release “tweets per second” stats for events that spur the most activity, but a company spokesperson told me Twitter doesn’t have those numbers for SOPA. Still,, Twitter says it saw 8,868 tweets per second, for example, during the MTV Music Awards, which adds up to more than 2 million tweets in four minutes. It’s an apples-and-oranges comparison, but suggests that anti-SOPA tweets weren’t quite at that level.

Speaking of Twitter and SOPA, the company seems to be protesting the bill in a manner similar to Facebook — rather than blacking out or otherwise altering the Twitter service to show opposition, executives posted anti-SOPA messages on their personal accounts. CEO Dick Costolo wrote: “Please join me in urging Senators @SenatorReid & @ChuckSchumer not to rush #PIPA vote.”