No, We Have Not Been Hacked

This is a public service announcement to all four of you that visited today and were confused by the jazzy Black Oak Asset Management splash page above; No we have not been hacked. And, no, this is not some kind of elaborate and arcane SOPA/PIPA protest. And while it would be amazing if we did offer complimentary services from the top attorneys & CPA’s [sic] in the area, we don’t. I barely know what a 401K is. 

Our long suffering lead developer Vineet Thanedar explains what’s up:

“In the past, we had our own test server on this IP (hosted at MediaTemple) for those subdomains (technews, primaries and so on). We have long stopped using MT as our hosting provider. It seems that the IP is now used by someone else, Black Oak in this case. I believe this is what happened since the subdomains have existed for a long time and no one likely noticed the change of IP ownership.

I have deleted the DNS mappings for the subdomains in question.”

Yeah, at some point in Mike’s illustrious career he flirted with the idea of a Reddit clone. Eventually we forgot about it and so did MediaTemple until some industrious person who was clearly in a Deep Internet K-hole came across it this morning.

Yes, I get paid modestly to write this stuff. Rimshot.