Our Favorite CES 2012 Interviews, Videos And Events

CES was a blast this year. It was the best show in recent memory. Everyone from the press to vendors were upbeat and seemingly truly happy to be there. Attendance was up. The show was the largest ever (too big for some). Best of all, we shared a wonderful booth with the Engadget crew, which allowed us to conduct more interviews and chill on some comfy couches when not livestreaming from the show floor.

Below is the best of our booth interviews and roaming coverage. We truly hope you enjoyed our unique coverage. Any outlet can stuff people in a room (or trailer) and write up press releases nonstop. We strive to bring the entire show to you by webcasting our shenanigans from the floor and interviewing the smaller guys from the booth. Here’s our nine favorite videos from this year’s show.

50 Cent interview

Mr. Cent stopped by our booth and we took the stage to talk about his new headphones among other things including why Twitter works for him. It was an insightful and fun interview.

Gary Shapiro on the future of innovation and CES

Don’t believe the nonsense. CES is not dead. It’s far from it. In fact it’s getting too big. Gary Shapiro, the president of the CEA, weighed in on the debate while also clearly stating Microsoft is not completely done with CES.

Schick shaves John

Schick, you know, the razor company attended CES this year. They had a small booth in the North hall where two barbers shaved show-goers free of charge. John, being one to never turn down something free, jumped on the opportunity. What this video does not show is the post-shaved John who looked ten years younger and a lot more happy.

G-Form does its best to destroy and iPad

Watch G-Form drop a bowling ball on an iPad. Spoiler: It survives.

The Butt Show

Fun game! Count how many sexual innuendos John slips in during his interview with the 80-year Dr. Fuji.

Days Of Wonder’s Ticket To Ride iPad board game

Picture a board game that’s also playable through the iPad. That’s sort of describes Ticket To Ride. Just watch the video.

Broksonic humidifiers

CES is a huge place. It’s not all smart TVs and Android tabs. Within the LVCC is a wide range of products including Broksonic’s new scented humidifiers.

OhMiBod, the vibrators with an app

This shouldn’t be here. Sorry, everyone. Watch Jordan interview a dildo company. It’s kind of NSFW. “It’s what makes mommies happy,” said the dildo lady.

The TechCrunch Gadget’s Final CES Webcast

We had a great time at CES 2012. This was our final live podcast (here are the rest) where we interviewed Parrot, GoPro and gave away a bunch of free stuff to show goers and people watching the webcast. We hope to do CES 2013 even bigger. Thanks for watching, everyone!