Tech News Can Be So Dramatic

So I tend to think of news in this industry as falling into two basic categories 1) Boring as fuck 2) So hyper-dramatic I feel like I need to take a ton of anti-anxiety medication just to read Techmeme.

While tons of crap posts this week have fallen into the former category, a few have fallen into the latter, mostly MG Siegler’s work surrounding Google’s failed efforts at, well, anything.  All of MG’s posts have been, to borrow a phrase, “very well done” — Mostly because they lean into the drama.

The fact that tech news can be so crazy histrionic is a byproduct of the personality game that this industry essentially is; It’s all about conflict and genius and conflict. I mean here Google is incorporating its social initiatives into its own search results and everyone is acting like it’s going around murdering children. I mean, it’s enough to unfriend Google on Facebook!

This heightened sense of drama around a seemingly mundane series of events is part of what makes the Hitler “Downfall” meme so funny important. The Hitler in the tribute clip above is so enraged at Google+’s transgressions, “It’s definitely going to change the way I share stuff.”

And, for the record, MG and Mike are not “starting a new TechCrunch.” They are really really busy being VCs. ;)

Via/ Parislemon and a bunch of people on Twitter.