Hands-On With Blue Microphones’ 2012 Lineup

Blue Mics showed up to CES 2012 with three swanky mics. No, really. They look great but that’s because Blue Mics knows how to make a good looking mic. Brian Biggott, Blue Mics’ CTO, sat down with me on the TechCrunch CES couch for a quick chat about the company’s upcoming mics.

The $199 Spark Digital is a digital version of the analog Spark and features a studio-grade mic and USB/iOS connectivity. It’s a tad on the heavy side as well. Blue Mics expects to ship the Spark Digital this spring.

Blue Mics also introduced two smaller mics. The Mikey Digital connects to an iOS device and sports a stereo mic. Plus, there’s a 3.5mm multi-input jack for additional audio sources. The even smaller Tiki mic connects to a computer through a USB port for improved Skype-ing and the like. Look for the Mikey Digital and Tiki also this spring for $99 and $59, respectively.