ESPN Feels Lonely: A Chat Regarding ESPN’s Role In The Barren 3D Landscape

ESPN, the Worldwide Leader In Tim Tebow news, attended CES this year in the name of 3D TV. The network is fully committed to providing content in 3D and in fact hosted a live boxing match here at CES, which was broadcasted in 3D. I sat down with Bryan Burns, ESPN’s VP of Strategic Business Planning to talk about ESPN, lack of 3D content and the boring 2012 BCS Championship game.

Burns revealed that ESPN has an emerging technologies division that starting exploring 3D broadcasting early on. He relates the lack of 3D content to that of high definition. However, as Burns points out, 3D has the advantage of having more friends in the industry where it took a while for broadcasters and producers to latch onto 3D.

Still, as anyone that owns a 3D TV knows, there still isn’t a lot of 3D content. ESPN feels lonely out there, Burns said. There’s Discovery, too, with 3D films about penguins and such. Since 3D is still struggling to gain traction, the two content powerhouses aren’t so much in competition but rather fighting the good fight together. But more friends would be nice.