4Mads Launches New Adtech Startup For DIY Online & Mobile Ads

San Francisco-based 4Mads is a new, angel-funded startup in the adtech space which allows SMB’s and local brands the ability to create both online and mobile rich media ads. The service, which has been in private testing for the past year, just went live this week with the launch of its one-stop shop and easy to use, drag-and-drop tools.

The company was started by the founder of NetDoubler, Eugene Walden, the former Chief Software Architect at Crackle Piers Haken, and Alfredo Guilbert, who was the former regional VP of AlwaysOn. It also has over $1 million in seed funding from angels including Roger Lang, Andy Laursen, David Roux, Jon Staenberg, and others.

The target market for 4Mads is the small to medium-sized business owner who doesn’t find it cost efective to hire their own ad agency to design their mobile and web ads. These businesses often turn to “local deals” services like Groupon and Living Social, as well as to traditional media, in order to bring in new customers.

What 4Mads offers instead are a set of tools and tutorials that allow the business owners to create their own ads. Using the provided instructions, the company claims a client can create an ad within 10 minutes or less. The ads offer over 100 animation effects (and growing), and come in both Flash and HTML5 formats, so they work on mobile devices and desktop browsers alike. You can check out a gallery of what these ads look like here.

The new service launched just yesterday, amid the hectic week of gadget-y and mobile news courtesy of CES. There are four different pricing plans available, beginning with one campaign for one month for free (“Starter”), 3 campaigns/month for $25 (“Professional”), 10/mo. for $75 (“Brand”) or unlimited campaigns (contact the company for pricing).

To learn more about 4Mads or sign up, go here.