TiVo Research Claims Only 38 Percent Of Users Watch Live TV

TiVo this morning said that internal research shows only 38 percent of their users watch live television, with nearly two thirds watching on-demand video or ‘delayed’ TV. Among TiVo viewers who use broadband connected service such as Netflix, YouTube and Hulu Plus, live TV viewership has even dropped to 27 percent, the company asserts.

Though TiVo users are hardly a representative sample if you want to look at usage data of your average TV viewer in the United States, the findings are remarkable and suggest that the consumption of recorded TV and Internet-delivered programming is surpassing live TV viewership much more rapidly than anticipated.

TiVo’s research findings are of course self-serving, but the company claims it gathered data from tracking anonymous usage across some two million devices on a second-by-second basis.

The trend is obvious.

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